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Why not?


Why are hearts colored just red?

Why can’t they be pink or rainbow

Why not chocolate and why not yellow

Why are arrows pointed?

Why can’t they be squares or stars

Why not circles and why not flowers

Oddly things are remembered when they are

Like I do remember the first time I met you

In that doughnut shop in yellow shirt, faded shorts

Innocent and seemed harmless

And why do I need to change that?

Why not?</p.


Wishes and Spells

Careful of the wish you’ll wish for, they can come true.
Careful on the spell you’ll cast; not just on humans.
Someday they’ll come and turn against you.
Simple it may seems, but they aren’t dreams.
Be it a wish or a spell, you should know what’s real.
Chances are, be it in broad day light or at night,
The spell you cast and the wish you made will come to you.

The Old Lady

Old woman in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Who can love an old flower

Nearly withered, pale, drying.

Who can love a long passed beauty

Sagging face, dry and wrinkling.

Until a painter passed by and inspired

to blend the glutinous tempera in a canvas

All things went right and brave

Lights approved and spectators pay tribute.

Was it the painter?
Or it was just the sad reality.

Life is Complicated


My mom is falling in love

Crazy falling in love,

It’s complicated,

Love is indeed indescribable,

That’s it… it’s in most of the time irrational.


I am in this life once,

Always avoiding complications

Trying to live a perfect life

But the truth is . . .

It’s really okay to hug, kiss, slap

And at times box.


Love knows and understands

No matter how complex the line is

And how bumpy the road goes

I sometimes believe, this is what it is.

I fully trust on it, even if no one wont.

New Year


It’s new year’s day
January first
Early in the morning
The best coffee smell ever

It’s the first day of the year
New dress, new bag, new make up
New hope, new beginning
Or is it?

My husband just got home
Drunk the whole night
Staying with friends
Home at 5am

It’s new year
New resolution, new promises
New start for a better tomorrow
Crazy justification

Or is it? . . . I doubted

In the dark


 What's up with you today?
Why are you wearing that anguish again,
Why are you staying right there
Halfway leaning to that darkness 
Holding tight to that mask your wearing.

Come out! Let's deal with it together,
I'll be right by your side
Let's pray together and hold on tight
Let go of them, they're just a bother

I'll be your friend, 
A father and your mother
I can be your sister or even brother
Because, I really do not care

All I want is to help you out there. 



I normally call you as my BEST FRIEND,
All this time we are PARTNERS,
To other people's eyes we are HUSBAND & WIFE.

But who are we really?
Could we just simply be couple and be tied by contract?
Or stay bestfriends like the usual.

I bet whatever other people say we are 
Or the law that bind us,
We who cares for each other are responsible . . .

To listen, even to the worthless concerns
To understand, even to the worst circumstances
To be truthful, even to the most confidential
To be forgiving, even to the gravest sins
And lastly to be a PARTNER. 


Love as I am


Why are you here?
Why are you knocking at my door?

Do you think, I needed you to read my mind
Or you've just find it amusing to see me crying

Stop pitying me, I know I'm nothing

Although, I want you to stay 
and love me as I am.



It's 12:20 in the morning

Couldn't fall asleep waiting for you

Just in front of my computer

My hands are arranging words

Hard enough with my sober head

In that dark stuffy humid study room.

Forget it . . .

Or should I say

You've forgotten it . . .

That I'm still here

Couldn't catch a wink . . .

Until your down home.

Please come home.

Self worth


Sometime in our life we depended everything from the people that surrounds us:

It is always good to hold hands and cuddle to our mother for affections,

Or settle to father’s advice and learn from all his teachings,

Be with friends who appreciates us and tell us we are gorgeous.

But the things in life isn’t always there to please you

Sometimes you need to hold your own hands and pray for redemption,

Or simply listen to yourself and be guided by your own convictions,

Be friend to yourself and perceive your inner strength and grace.

Madly in love


I’m a saddened woman

it’s apparent even in my shadows

heavily bearing the burdens and grief

as days turn into nights

and as the sun stare gets colder

showing no respect of the lady

lost because of love

A letter to a loving husband








To my loving husband,

No doubt, I wasn’t the perfect wife you wanted

I wasn’t even that strong as you always wish I am

I used to say I was useless to be your better half

Worse thing is I couldn’t even lend an ear to listen to your petitions

And be just a woman whom you can share with your ambitions

Yet, I was hopeful I didn’t know that even to that weaknesses manifested in me

You still love me unconditionally.

And that made me so grateful as a wife.

Thank you! 

I never regretted anything to be your mate.



Dear Papa,
I know it’s not father’s day yet
And it’s not your birthday as well

But I’m here, glad to tell you
Thank you!
For being my father and my friend

I’m grateful that you’re always there
Every time I needed you

And care for me
even for the times that I care less

Hold my hand
when I felt scared

Assured me that
no matter what
you’ll never leave

Thank you Father
I owe you a lot
And even if I can’t pay them all back

I promise to hold your hand
When you needed it back


appetizing, sweet, divine
you’re smooth
and the creamiest coffee
I know
yes, you are an awakening
you dare provoke me
to rouse from my senses
full of surprises
you let me crave for you
as I sip every little bit
of your caresses of me from deep with in
simply fired me up like a blaze
lighted my soul
you slowly burn me
as I turn to pyre
I’m now crazy and addicted
as I cannot live a day
without a cup of you

Thunders are clashing

lightnings are flashing

in the corner of my eyes

I saw you

underneath that pissing mood

you’re darker than ivory

hotter than the melting lava

as your rising temperature surge

why can’t you just set still

and get conciliated defenselessly

by your anger

Be My Dance Partner

Why am I here?

Reading your thoughts

Watching you dancing

While you’re gliding here and there

Why I suddenly get interested?

With your tempting lips

And swaying hips

Wobbling all around me

Rocking me to death

Yes, of all the people I met

It’s you I wish to stay

Right here beside me

Would you be

my dance partner?

Stop creating me this way

Enough for molding me

Into the image you alone desired

Hold it!

I no longer wish your hand on me

Creating this hollow feeling inside

That now scares me to death

Making me ask myself

Do I still have my soul?

Cause I no longer feel it.

Yes, you are right

I don’t wanna be alone anymore

No more than that feeling

Tonight, you didn’t only made me feel isolated

I felt ignored as well—

Oh, how can I feel the other way around

When you’re just there by my side,

Turning your back on me

Snoring like a huge dummy

Intensifying this feeling of loneliness

I swear I don’t want to be alone anymore

It’s not the rainbow

I saw yesterday with you.

I know it takes forever to say

and to go against this funny little feeling


I don’t care if the world is against us

and more so if everyone hates us


it’s this feeling I hate the most

the never ending abnegation within me


telling that:

“I passionately love you”

Stop or I’ll give in

how much more will you tease me?

how much more will you make this heart suffer?

did you already forget?

I can’t bare seeing you like that


so much for the care

so much for the sympathy

so much for seducing me

I’m telling you this

one more move or else

I’ll give in to you.


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